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Eleni Orfanou - Charm 2022

charm 2022

Limited Edition

Our charm for 2022 is inspired by Amalthea’s horn. According to myth, the goat Amalthea was Zeus’ nurse feeding him milk and honey during the years he was growing up hidden from his father Cronus in a cave on Crete. One day as Amalthea played with little Zeus, he accidentally broke off her horn. To make up for it and as a sign of gratitude, Zeus made the broken horn always be full of whatever its owner desired. This plethora of goods is represented in the design by the golden spheres and precious stones overflowing the horn. Each charm comes with a special card that describes in lyrics the inspiration and carries our warmest wishes for the new year.

  1. The horn of Amalthea

  2. Symbol of gratitude, wealth and affluence

  3. With precious gems flowing in abundance