Eleni Orfanou - March Bracelet
Eleni Orfanou - March Bracelet

March Bracelet

Limited Edition

Welcome March!!
The March bracelet tradition has its roots in Ancient Greece and in particular the Eleusinian Mysteries, were the initiated tied a string (Kroki) to their right hand and left foot. Continuing this custom, we created a bracelet imprinted with the rays of the sun symbolizing the protection from its radiation that is traditionally bestowed to the wearer. Three sun beams in the characteristic colors of March, red and white, to welcome the third month of the year and celebrate the beginning of the most beautiful season, Spring. When the first swallows arrive leave the bracelet on a rosebush so they can find it, carry it with them and use it to build their nest.

  1. “If you can’t find spring,
    create it.”


  2. The sun emerges..

  3. Welcome Spring!