Users can be billed either by retail receipt, deliverable upon delivery, or by invoice, if the user is a freelancer or a commercial enterprise.

For shipments of products within Greece, the user can choose as a payment method cash on delivery, bank deposit, credit card or PayPal. If the payment is made by cash on delivery, the user is obliged to pay the total amount to the post office or courier employee. In the case of credit card selection, a corresponding charge will be charged to the user's card account.

Credit card transactions made through the e-shop will be displayed on the user’s credit card statement with justification ORFANOU ELENI. If it is found that fraudulent use of a third party's credit card has been committed without fault, this charge may be canceled upon request to the Bank that has issued the credit card, which must investigate the complaint. For this reason, any damaged third party is obliged as soon as it realizes that this has occurred to inform the issuing Bank in order to cancel it and to exclude its use by unauthorized persons.

In both cases a refund will be made if the user decides to return the product. In the case of money transfers, the user either gives his account details and deposits the money with him or the money goes into his card electronically (if there is any additional expense on this option the Company is not charged), in cases of credit card purchase the card is instantly credited, and when purchased through PayPal, the money is credited to the Paypal user account. Shipments of products outside Greece are made only by courier and credit card debit or via PayPal.