Charm 2024


Since primeval times, man was moved by nature’s splendor all around him and desired it for adornment. Oysters, sea rocks, curious pieces of wood were some of the first elements that were over time enriched with precious metals and stones and transformed into jewelry in their modern form. Throughout the ages, jewels constitute symbols of social and religious power, authority and beauty.

Inspired by the past and present, Eleni Orfanou envisions the creation of unique, designer jewelry , able to showcase women’s femininity and power while unveiling their inner beauty. At the core of her collections, in gold and silver, lie geometries constructed either from freehand curves or sharp-edged shapes. Each jewel is born linearly out of this minimal motif through its reprise in different sizes, the play between void-full and symmetry.

Each ring, earing, necklace and bracelet is handmade and produced in Athens, always meeting the highest quality standards put in place based on our perennial experience and expertise in precious metals and stones craftmanship. Eleni Orfanou Company, committed to quality, offers a lifetime guarantee to all jewelry. In addition, the customer support team provides individualized services, always willing to answer questions, propose ideas and assist each client in selecting the perfect jewel.

Explore Eleni Orfanou’s world through a collection of unique, timeless and sophisticated creations and delight in elegance every moment of the day with jewels that attract attention.