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Eleni Orfanou
Eleni Orfanou is a jewellery designer based in Athens, Greece. Growing up in an artistic environment she found her own personal creative outlet through jewellery design. After extensive studies in jewellery making, she launched her own brand in 2013, showcasing her elaborate technique and mastery in quality jewellery.

Her vision is to create impeccably crafted authentic jewellery pieces that enhance femininity and reveal hidden beauty.

Eleni Orfanou
In 2014, Eleni started her own wholesale distribution company which gradually gained status in both Greek and global markets, her pieces being featured in galleries and stores over three continents. She annually participates in the renowned “Athens International Jewellery Show”, where she presents her new collections. In 2016, Eleni ventured into retail, opening her first store in Kolonaki. This rare gem/hidden gem in the heart of Athens reflects the distinct aesthetic of her work, combining contemporary architecture with a warm ambience. In 2019, Eleni started one more business venture building her online shop, making her unique creations widely available for all to enjoy.

In her personal research, the body plays a key role in engaging with the visual arts, harmony in the geometry of form and the earthly dynamism of morphogenetic curves. Inspired by a broad conceptual spectrum her work refracts through fluidity, abstraction, morphological freedom and dares bold combinations resulting in an innate poetic disposition.